The mission of Emetrece Productions is to bridge education with entertainment, using hip-hop as a tool to further unity amongst diverse communities.


Emetrece Productions was founded as an educational audio-visual hip-hop production company in 2003. The name Emetrece originated many years earlier in 1991 as a nom d' plume for anonymous publications by Melisa Riviere, as M13. Melisa's name containing 13 letters and with the initials MR could be scripted in such a way to appear as an M13. After substantial trafficking of M13 authorship, the name was altered to EMETRECE so as to identify with Melisa’s Latina origin and with her surrounding Latino communities. The word strategically includes 4 letters ‘E,’ each of which relates to an element of hip-hop – DJ, graffiti art, break dance, and lyricism/rap. Emetrece Productions offers a unique fifth element of audio-visual production and historical documentation represented by film in the fifth circle of the logo.


Past, present and future projects by Emetrece Productions include the production of musical collaborations between Cuba and Puerto Rico such as Son Dos Alas by Anónimo Consejo feat. Tego Calderón, Sin Permiso by Los Aldeanos & Intifada, Guasábara by SieteNueve and Magia Emcee, and Sangre Guerrera between SieteNueve and El B. Emetrece Productions has also co-produced grassroots international events such as the popular Anthropology of Hip-Hop university class, Callejón de la Salsa produced in collaboration with O2 Entertainment, the annual Ritmos Unidos: An Afro-Latin Tribute to MLK Day from 2005-2008, and co-founding B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop with Intermedia Arts from 2005 - 2010.






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Emetrece Production in Cuba:
The work of Emetrece Productions in Cuba is of non-profit nature, in solidarity with the island’s hip-hop artists. We do not accept any government funding nor do we ally ourselves with political organizations or doctrines. Our commitment is towards utilizing hip-hop as an instrument for education and the development of musical dialogues between artists and their worldwide communities.

Emetrece Production en Cuba:
El trabajo de Emetrece Productions en Cuba es sin un fin lucrativo, en solidaridad con los artistas del hip-hop isleño. No aceptamos ningún financiamiento gubernamental ni tampoco nos asociamos con organizaciones ni doctrinas políticas. Nuestro compromiso es hacia la creación de diálogos musicales entre artistas y sus comunidades, usando el hip-hop como herramienta educacional.